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Who Is Your Party Planner?

Posted by Vivian McNeil on 10th May 2019

How do you find out where the party planner gets her party supplies? Couldn’t you pull off a party the way that sleek event planner coordinated the last party you attended? It’s amazing what is going on in our town these days. There are no less than three event-planning stores in our neighborhood. Look in the window or gaze inside the shop through the glass. The classy party goods look as real as the glass you are looking through. Just looking at the set-ups in these stores can get your
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Planning a Party? Ask the Guest of Honor These Important Questions First

29th Jan 2019

It should come as no surprise that planning any type of party is a challenge, but pulling off the perfect party for a large number of guests can be even more difficult. That being said, it's essential to ask the right questions when involved in the professional party planning industry. If you're trying to throw the perfect get together for a client, asking the right questions can help. Here are just a few essential questions to ask before starting the professional party planning process for a cl
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3 Elegant Affairs Where You Can Use Disposable Serveware

7th Jan 2019

No matter what you have in store for your next elegant occasion, any fancy event can benefit from the use of disposable serveware. Not only will elegant plastic tableware give you the high-end look of your dreams for less money, but it will also ensure you have no problem cleaning up your space at the end of the night.Here are three elegant events that can benefit from the addition of fancy plastic tableware.Your weddingYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life. When you want y
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Tips To Become A Party Planning Aficionado

20th Dec 2018

When it comes to planning parties, few people are able to do it without suffering from a headache or two. Party planning simply doesn't come easily for most people. Luckily, there are tips and tricks for developing your party planning skills.When you want to become an expert home party planner, follow these nuggets of advice to party throughout 2019.Keep it organizedThe key to party planning is organizing your event to a T. Whether that means you craft the perfect spreadsheet or rely on a day pl
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Party Supplies To Prioritize While Entertaining This Holiday Season

7th Dec 2018

As autumn plods along and the weather grows cooler, people come a little closer together. Whether it's for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or the various end-of-year holidays, we're in the midst of the entertainment heavy time of the year.Gathering people together is a wonderful feeling but isn't without certain stressors -- stressors that shouldn't be allowed to eclipse the magnificence of fellowship. Weddings usually host an average of 136 guests and, as married readers can attest, pla
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