How To Nail Your Next Backyard Barbecue With These Easy Tips

7th Aug 2018

Summer is here and barbecue season is in full swing. And if you want to ensure your backyard barbecue party is the talk of the summer, try following these easy tips to make your event run smoothly. 

Pick a theme
While a regular party is all fun and games, planning a themed event will take your party to the next level. A theme gives your guests a talking point to break the ice, which is great for large groups or housewarming parties where people might be meeting for the first time. Not only that, you'll be able to craft some fun games, music, and food to match the theme.

You can go all out and plan a murder mystery party; however, party themes don't have to be complicated. You can also keep things casual and plan your event around a fun tapas menu or pig roast. If you entertain often, purchase a few different party supply packages to last you for the rest of the season.

Make people feel welcome
The first five minutes after a guest arrives is crucial. Sure, you may be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but each guest might feel lost in the crowd if they aren't greeted when they come in. When a guest arrives, make eye contact and greet them. If you are too busy to greet each guest individually, then offer some fun party favors for guests to make them feel welcome in your home.

Get plates -- and lots of 'em
It's estimated that your guests will use way more than one plastic cup per party. In fact, for every 25 guests, you'll need upwards of 75 glasses. Disposable serveware is the best way to guarantee you have enough disposable plastic plates, cups, and bowls to go around. 

Want to take your party up a notch? While simple plastic cups are fine for most events, using  elegant plastic tableware will make your guests think you've broken out the fine china for a backyard event. For instance, plastic champagne glasses and tableware from Posh Party Supplies are designed to look like the real thing. Using fancy plastic tableware with fun colors, styles, and patterns will wow all your guests.

Offer a variety of drinks
Your guests may love to drink alcohol, or they may stick to soda. Regardless, it's important to include more than just beer for your boozy friends and more than just soda for your non-drinkers. Like your food, you should offer a variety of beverage options and include a few different elegant plastic cups. This will make everyone feel included in the festivities.

Throwing a backyard barbecue requires more than just food; it requires a gung-ho attitude, elegant plastic tableware, and more than a little panache. To make your barbecue the event of the summer, follow these simple tips and tricks.