How To Throw the Best-Ever Ice Cream Social Party

Posted by Milena Kukurekovic on 13th Sep 2021

How To Throw the Best-Ever Ice Cream Social Party

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, no doubt you’ve got your ideal ice cream sundae: the perfect flavor of ice cream, the perfect toppings, a waffle bowl, and more. Sometimes, you just need to invite your friends over to eat some ice cream. In situations like this, you should probably be aware of how to throw the best ice cream social party ever! Keep reading to learn more.

How To Throw the Best-Ever Ice Cream Social Party

Keep It Simple

One of the big mistakes people make when hosting an ice cream social is going all out on a variety of flavors. Having too big of an assortment is going to make it difficult for people to get a taste of everything, and because you’re also going to be offering toppings, you don’t want to possibly restrict competing flavors. Having a selection of a few plain ice creams like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mint will let everyone get what they like and not overwhelm with tastes.


One of the most fun parts of throwing a party is decorating. A bright pastel color palette can go a long way in making your home seem full of life. These colors also go very well with gold, which gives your décor an air of fanciness. This is also super easy—there are dozens of different ice cream party decorating sets that are totally DIY. This is a great way to start a conversation and impress your guests at the same time! You can even give your get-together a theme to spruce up the place! This might also encourage guests to dress up and bring something of their own, which is always a blast.

Use Fun Dishes

One of the key aspects of making a party memorable is to think about every aspect of the evening. Consider the types of dishes you’re using. Mason jars can be a super cute accessory to give your gathering a quainter atmosphere. You can also try finding specialty plastic disposable dessert plates with fun designs that catch your guests’ attention. Going the disposable route will also free up some time you might have otherwise spent doing dishes. Waffle cups and waffle bowls can also be a fun way to serve everything up, and that can save you some preparation time, too!

Have a Variety of Toppings

Here’s where you get to go wild. The best part of any ice cream bar is the toppings. Give me a bowl of some crushed Oreos, sprinkles, and caramel sauce, and I’m set. Maybe a little bit of ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. If you’re like me, you absolutely love to load up on toppings, so make sure you have a wide variety for people to choose from. Candies, syrups and sauces, fresh berries, whipped cream, and pretzels are sure to be a hit with just about everyone.

Offer Milkshakes

If you’ve got a blender and some milk, you can’t go wrong with making milkshakes available for your guests. This is probably my personal favorite way to eat ice cream. You can throw as many or as few ingredients into it as you want, and it will still probably taste delicious. The blender ensures that every sip has more or less the same ratio of each flavor, meaning you get a little bit of everything every time. Have a can of whipped cream and sprinkles ready, and you’re set to make milkshakes that are pleasing to both your taste buds and your eyes!

Bake Something

Have you ever had a brownie sundae? If so, then I need not say any more. If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now and find one. A warm brownie melting the ice cream on top is sublime, and it gets even better when the brownie absorbs the melted ice cream. Add chocolate or caramel drizzle and whipped cream, and you’re all set. You can do the exact same thing with a big cookie.

Try Making Your Own Ice Cream

This is a risky venture because the success of your party could be entirely dependent on your success with this task. While not required and certainly not expected, you can really wow your guests by making your own batch of ice cream. Luckily, the ingredients are pretty simple and the process is fairly straightforward, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. However, there is always the off chance that a measurement is taken incorrectly and it throws off the balance of the flavors. However, it’s hard to mess this one up, as a scoop of decadent ice cream between a couple of freshly baked cookies is never a bad idea.

Plan Activities

While a relaxing, lowkey event can be great, you can take your social up a notch by putting together activities for everyone to enjoy together. One popular game you can play is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey called Pin the Cherry on the Sundae. But this is just one option; there are myriad party games you can all enjoy together that will help to make some laugh-out-loud memories you’ll cherish forever. In addition to being super fun, charades, card games, and trivia games are all easy things everyone basically understands before they play

Take Pictures

Be sure you document the awesome time you had at your event with some pictures! Years from now, you may have long forgotten some of the small moments from your party, but pictures can bring all those memories flooding back. Pulling out your phone and snapping some pics is super easy and takes only a second, but the joy and nostalgia it can bring you will last significantly longer.

Have Fun

Remember that you're hosting this event to have a great time with people you care about, so stop stressing about everything going perfectly and let yourself relax! You’ll regret missing out on all the great times with friends if you spend the entire evening worrying or organizing. Let yourself cut loose a little bit and try to appreciate everyone’s company. This is probably the most important part of knowing how to throw the best-ever ice cream social party.

Hopefully, you’ve got a pretty good understanding of the incredibly complex machinations of the ice cream social. Of course, it’s not actually that complicated, but there are a few things to know that you may not have thought of! If you stick to this list and do your best to give your guests the best, you can’t go wrong!

How To Throw the Best-Ever Ice Cream Social Party