Plastic Plates & Plastic Wine Glasses for Fall Tablescapes - Guest Post

Posted by Julie from Crowning Details on 12th Sep 2019


fall tablescape ideas

This post was sponsored by Posh Party Supplies. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Friends, disposable party supplies have come a LONG way!! With 4 kids and grandparents nearby, our holiday dinners already start large. While I LOVE to cook, I dislike doing the dishes following a big event. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite tips for elevating tablescapes using disposable party goods. You CAN host an amazing at-home dinner party using our suggestions and party supply finds from Posh Party Supplies.

orange and black fall tablescape


In our Fall tablescape, we incorporated a number of colors and textures throughout our décor choices. Our color inspiration was blood orange and onyx; there is something about this combination that just POPS. Orange was added through the amazing floral centerpiece, filled with seasonal flowers in all shades of orange.

fall place setting using black and gold

Black plastic plates added the stark contrast to the orange florals we were after. To soften this dramatic color scheme, we chose a soft gray chiffon runner, grey printed menu cards and a texture grey table linen. When building your own Fall tablescape, start with 2-3 colors that inspire you, then layer in complementary color accents where possible for a cohesive design look.


One of my favorite ways to add interest to any tablescape is through layering. And, this concept works wonders when incorporating disposable party décor into your Fall tables. What exactly does layering refer to? Generally, it is choosing 2-3 tabletop items for each place setting; dessert plates, bowls, dinner plates, plate chargers. Let your menu dictate which tabletop items are needed, then choose disposable options that complement your overall color scheme. For our Fall dinner party, we selected onxy and gold rimmed plastic plates (dessert and dinner), accented by a detailed disposable plate charger.

fall place setting with black and gold

In addition to the standard place setting, you can also add dimension through your flatware and glassware selections. Gold accented flatware offered additional texture to our design scheme, while complementing our chosen color palette. To add height to our Fall tablescape, we chose these modern
plastic wine glasses (can you believe they’re disposable?).

fall table setting details


It’s true; not all products are created equally. While many disposable items offer benefits to entertaining, it’s crucial that you select high quality items when looking to elevate your table’s look and feel, while retaining the disposable benefit. Search for items like these amazing
plastic wine glasses, that not only offer a modern design element, but that are disposable. And, in addition to standard items such as dessert and dinner plates, look for “wow” pieces like these gold charger plates. While disposable, they could certainly be reused for other occasions.

fall tablescape and disposable wine glass

grey and orange fall table

We are absolutely in love with this Fall tablescape and hope that you found inspiration in not only our color combination, but our tips for incorporating elevated disposable partyware into your event.

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