Prepping For Your Wedding Reception: What Your Tables Can't Go Without!

10th Sep 2018

You've accounted for everything on your wedding list; the DJ is booked, the food is set for delivery, and your seating for the reception is finally assigned. However, you mustn't forget to account for one crucial detail: setting the table. 

If you've never set a table before, you may be in for a surprise. Unfortunately, setting the tables is more challenging than you think. If you're one of the many brides or grooms that are stuck for ideas, here's how to craft the perfect reception table.

Start with place settings

This includes stationary with the names of your guests. The place setting is the first crucial step in decorating your tables since they work as the building blocks for the rest of your table. Setting the placemats is the best way to ensure your guests have enough room to sit at the table comfortably. Before you break out the beautiful ivory tableware and elegant paper napkins, choosing the colors and setting the placemats are essential.

Set the table for your formal event

If you didn't get a caterer for your wedding, there are a few simple table setting rules to follow. Keep in mind that plastic disposable serveware is the easiest and most elegant option for the couple on a budget; with Posh Party Supplies, your guests won't even know your elegant ivory tableware is plastic. Just keep in mind that each guest will need around three disposable plates as the night goes on. It's always better to order in excess than run out when you need it most.

You should also know how to set the table. Your disposable plastic plates should go in the middle while your metallic gold disposable cutlery should go on either side. Forks go on the left, while the knife is closest to the plate on the right. On the other side of the knife go the spoons. Keep a coffee cup on the upper right with your wine glasses or fancy plastic cups to the left of the coffee cup. With these simple tips, your tables will look great and function perfectly.

Don't forget the centerpiece

The centerpiece at each table will work overtime when your guests arrive at the reception. Not only do they set the ambiance for the event, they're a great way to discern one table from another. While many weddings prefer identical centerpieces, introducing unexpected objects is a great way to make each table feel unique. Opting for different origami styles or geometric shapes can create a clean, elegant atmosphere if you prefer an uncluttered look.

When you're planning the reception of your dreams, it's important to create an inviting table setting. After all, this is the area where your guests will spend the most time. Create the perfect place setting with Posh Party Supplies and their beautiful collection of ivory tableware today.