Top Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

Posted by Milena Kukurekovic on 6th Jun 2021

Top Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

One of the most significant elements of any special occasion, party, or event is the table setting. Whether you are throwing a trendy birthday party, hosting a festive holiday meal, or organize a rustic, chic, barn, or country green wedding reception, to move one step closer to the fabulously arranged tables with a zero-waste and economical price, you should definitely use our beautiful, all-natural, compostable, and biodegradable, eco-friendly  party supplies.

Here at Posh Party Supplies, we are particularly inspired by those things that are chic and versatile in addition to being green. We pride ourselves on our wide range of quality, durable, stylish, well-designed, and well-made eco-friendly party supplies. So read on and see why you should fall in love with Posh eco-friendly dinnerware too!

Eco-Friendly Production

Our  tableware is made from materials such as fallen areca palm leaves, sugarcane bagasse (waste from the sugar manufacturing industry), and birch wood. These materials are increasingly being used by startups to make biodegradable and environmentally safe products that pose zero health hazards and can be composted easily in your home composter.

Beautiful design

Sustainability no longer has to come at the cost of elegance. Our  eco-friendly tableware is designed for eco-conscious consumers, couples, and hosts that want to enjoy the convenience of disposable plates but enjoy the elegance of sustainable rustic chic dinnerware. With an all-natural style that looks amazing on any table and a variety of shapes and designs, our line of disposable eco-friendly dinnerware will help you create brilliant tablescapes for any fancy event.

So Much More Durability

We have the misconception that compostable tableware is not durable. In fact, from the usability point of view,  biodegradable tableware products are a great choice for serving food. They are resistant to heat, weight, or steam of food. And what is more, eco-friendly plates can even be used with steak knives and metal utensils, which is more than you can say for plastic or styrofoam.

Microwaveable and freezer safe

This is the most amazing fact!  Eco-friendly dinnerware can be used to serve wet, dry, greasy, hot, or cold food without leaving a soggy mess. Our eco-friendly tableware is microwave and freezer safe, keeping your food safe and fresh and do not emit any harmful toxins when heated. Also, you can even use them in the oven since they can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees for up to 45 minutes.


By using eco-friendly dinnerware, you eliminate the risk of ingesting toxic chemicals.  Biodegradable tableware is free of chemical radicals, toxins, fillers, binders, liners, wax coatings, or any other bleaches or dyes. Additionally, eco-friendly tableware doesn't even release any harmful chemicals upon heating that contaminates your food.

Compostable and Biodegradable

Many eco-friendly dinnerware options can be easily composted since they are made from all-natural materials.  Compostable plates are carbon-rich, and after being cut into small pieces, they can take as little as a few weeks to break down. After, you are left with nutrient-rich humus that can be used on your lawn and garden. Not only is composting good for the environment by capturing carbon, but it also saves waste from being sent to landfills.

Quick cleanup

Although there are plenty of interesting facts about using  eco-friendly tableware, the best one is that it is perfect for grand-scale occasions where you don't want to worry about long-lasting cleaning up. They do not require any special measures to clean up - all you need to do is put them into the compost bin, meaning you can finally spare yourself from the chore of doing the dishes.

With so many interesting advantages it is impossible not to love our  eco-friendly dinnerware and flatware. Enjoy the wide range of our eco-friendly tableware and make an everlasting impression on your guests and planet!