Which Month is the Best for a Fall Wedding

Posted by Milena Kukurekovic on 6th Oct 2021

Which Month is the Best for a Fall Wedding

Looking for a perfect time of the year to throw your wedding? You definitely should because this will have a lasting impact on your event. Only the right season gives you the perfect lighting and fun festivities. Gladly, fall is here with all its glory - the food, the weather, and those holidays, together make this season groovy.

So, what’s the ‘best’ month for a fall wedding, you might ask. Well, it’s a hard choice between September and October, but October remains everyone’s top choice due to all the perks it has to offer. Here are a few reasons why October should be your top priority to celebrate your fall weddings.

The Oh-So-Perfect October Weather

The weather in October is generally more brisk and crisp compared to the previous summer months, which makes it ideal for all kinds of events. You can dress up in whatever way you want without having to worry about sweating or freezing.

Depending on the weather in your state, throw your wedding at least 2 to 3 hours before the sunset. This way, the sun would still be out, and you will have the perfect lighting for photography.

An Opportunity to Celebrate Outdoors

Fall comes with all the perks for throwing a perfect wedding. It provides you an opportunity to avail the best lighting, mental wellness, and perfect photographs. All these perks can be fully enjoyed if the wedding event is celebrated outdoors. Outdoor weddings in October provide a perfect balance of crisp air, mental wellness, good food, and an ideal golden hour.

Autumn Wedding Color Palette

In autumn, everything starts to look pretty beautiful. The reason is the season’s colors and hues. The leaves that were once green start turning orangey-brown, and the sun gives the perfect shine. Your autumn wedding should include all the shades of fall to get the best out of it.

The Autumn wedding color palette has the most ravishing colors. They include dusky purple, a combination of brown, orange and yellow, copper and gold with red, emerald green, and white and blush. All these colors should be proficiently incorporated into your wedding to make it look grand.

Enchanting Fall Wedding Party Supplies

Speaking of the autumn color palette, let’s talk about an ideal autumn wedding tablespace. Our plastic wedding dinnerware helps you set a rustic wedding tablespace effortlessly. The best part about using our wedding party supplies is that their chic design and elegant texture will add to the beauty of your wedding tables.

You can cover your entire wedding with our wide range of disposable plates for weddings, fancy wedding party plates, and wedding plastic flatware. Entice the cocktail hour with our plastic drinkware for weddings.

An Eye-Catching Setup

Fall weddings give you an opportunity to incorporate nature in the best ways possible. Just a few fall flowers and elegant tableware can set the whole mood for a wedding. A vintage-inspired setup would be a stunner as it goes perfectly with the fall colors.