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Silver Plastic Cutlery - 72 Piece Set


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Silver Plastic Cutlery 72-Piece Combo Set - Elegant, Durable & Disposable Silverware at a Great Price

This combo set is a great option for party planners looking for plastic silverware that looks real but won't bust the budget. Our sturdy plastic silver forks and spoons set adds sparkle to any table setting - and is the perfect plastic silverware for weddings, parties and other catered events. This beautifully-designed silver plastic flatware set looks so realistic, your guests won't believe it's not real silverware.

This 72 piece silverware combo set includes:

24 Silver Plastic Spoons
24 Silver Plastic Forks
24 Silver Plastic Knives

This 144 piece silverware combo set includes:

144 Silver Plastic Spoons
144 Silver Plastic Forks
144 Silver Plastic Knives

This 288 piece silverware combo set includes:

288 Silver Plastic Spoons
288 Silver Plastic Forks
288 Silver Plastic Knives


Posh Product:
Cutlery Combo
Package Quantity:
24 Forks | 24 Spoons | 24 Knives

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